Thursday, September 23, 2010

9/22/10: Finally the First Day

You know the phrase, "Today is the first day of the rest of your life." Well, in yesterday's case, it was true. No longer was I an undergraduate. No longer was I was a 20-something without a plan. Oh no, I was officially a graduate student on her way to a career in acadamia.

As you can imagine, I struggled over what to wear. On that first day, I sat in on the large lecture for which I will be leading a discussion section. I also met with a professor and the rest of my cohort for our teaching practicum, aka "how to survive Friday when you find yourself in front of a classroom full of inquiring undergraduate minds." I wanted to look cute, but not too young. Professional, but not too dressy.

I spent all of Tueday night trying on clothes, making outfits, and then starting all over. Finally, I settled on something. Then I woke up Wednesday morning, realized it was ninty-something degrees, and had to start all over.

Dress: Tommy Hilfiger via outlet
Shoes: Mudd
Bracelet: Handmade by me

As you can see, I settled on a wrap dress and low heels. I think I made a good decision. The students listened to me when I told them to move forward from the back of the lecture hall, I only got one blister, and I managed to stay relatively cool as I trekked across campus.

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