Hello, I am Rae. Young 20-something. Female. Queer. Tiptoeing my way into the fashion blogosphere.

I never thought I would write a fashion blog. Fashion magazines disgust me more than they inspire me. I still can't believe that $200 is considered a bargain by many standards. I'm a fan of the thrift store. My fashion choices are based on long standing personal favorites, not the current trends.

But alas, here I am.

You may be asking, why "From the Changing Room"? Well, life is full of changes. As I transition from undergraduate to graduate student, move from Sunny Florida to the not-so-sunny Midwest, and switch from gymnastics coach to college instructor, changes are abound. As my wardrobe will inevitable reflect life's changes, I seek to document the transition from youth to something slightly more professional. Women's fashion is often young, revealing and racy or drab and lifeless. I seek to find the middle ground, and find it in an affordable manner. I seek to find looks that are both appropriate and unique. I seek to move beyond solid Old Navy tank tops and jeans. I seek to find cute, comfortable shoes that look good in a size 10. I seek to wear boots with skirts. I seek to mix the old and the new, the created and the acquired. Finally, I seek to prove that queer women can  have fashion sense. It might not be what is on the runway, but we too can have personal style. As I accept my inherent "femme"ness, I seek to find flattering outfits with a little edge.

Care to join me on this journey?


In the interest of full disclosure, I would like to share that I am a member of the Amazon Affiliate program. While I prefer to shop local businesses, I value for their wide range of products and shopping ease. When items I want are no longer available in local stores, I often find what I want on Amazon. If you buy through a link on this website, I can get a small kickback. More than likely, that money will simply be applied to a textbook purchase.