Sunday, September 19, 2010

9/17/10: Getting Oriented

Friday was orientation day and thankfully, I feel much oriented. I now know what to expect from both the classes I am taking and the class I am teaching.

Though my department is incredibly casual, I wanted to dress up just a little. And when I say just a little, I really mean just a little. I could undoubtedly get away with wearing flip-flops and jeans, but what fun is that? To make it even better, Friday morning felt like the first day of fall. It was apparently a trick, as it was back in the mid-80s today, but the crisp weather certainly put me in the back to school mode.

Necklace: Gift from Mom
Burgandy tee: Old Navy
Green shirt: Old Navy
Slacks: Gap
Shoes: Aldo
Purse: ?? via friend's clothing sale
I absolutely love these slacks. Indeed, I have them in both black and the light grey/blue pictured. They are lightweight, comfortable, and cool, while still being a step up from jeans. The other fantastic thing about this outfit is the purse. It doesn't look especially large, but I easily fit inside a full size notebook, a two-pocket folder, my agenda, wallet, camera, makeup, keys, and a novel. Now that is what I call a perfect purse.

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