Tuesday, July 20, 2010

7/19/10: A Very Vintage Birthday

In celebration of my friend's birthday, I spent the evening drinking unusual ciders and eating homemade soft pretzels at a bar (sorry, lounge) that is way to hip for its own good. While I am not nearly hipster enough to drink there, I pretended with a vintage dress.

 Dress: Handmade and vintage, gift from Mom
Belt: Vintage, stolen from mom
Bracelet: Carved bone brought back from South America, gift
Sandals: "Women's Ranford Sandal" by Privo via Clarks Outlet (available for $49.03 on Amazon)

This vintage dress is not a shape I thought I could wear, but I'm falling in love with it. It had some sort of attached belt, which I lost. I've been wearing it with a brown leather belt, but I decided to dress it up today with this woven scarf/belt thing. I think it worked.

Most of all, I love the detailing on the neckline of the dress. Somebody sewed this by hand. The zipper is all metal; no breakable plastic parts. It was hemmed by hand. All the seams are reinforced. They just don't make things like they used to. 

I promise I was going to wear different shoes today. I had bronze metallic kitten heels in my car. I was ready to go. Then, the last hour of work, I tweaked my ankle. Deciding it was better to stick with comfort and safety, I wore my favorite Clarks sandals yet again. I should just concede to the fact that I will be wearing them at least three times a week until I move to Ohio and meet an actual winter. 

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