Saturday, July 10, 2010

Summer Shoe Needs

I hate my feet. I really do. They are big. They are wide. My second toe is longer than my first toe. I still have calluses from my teenage years as a dancer. My toenails are stubby.

In may come as no surprise that I am not a huge fan of strappy summer sandals. However, living in the South, sandals are a neccessity.

privo Women's Arbor Sandal,White,7 M US
"Women's Arbor Sandal" by Privo, $50.29 on Amazon in most sizes

I'm currently obsessed with the Arbor sandal by Privo. It's made by Clarks and is ridiculously comfortable. The wide foot bed guarantees that you don't get that unattractive "foot falling off the shoe" phenomena that is all too common with today's totally flat sandals.

 Foot falling off shoe. Not cute.

Anyways, I have the Arbor Sandal in white, and I am pretty sure I need it in black.

I am also obsessed with Privo's "Ranford Sandal" which I have in bronze, and wear all the time. It's neutral enough to go with nearly everything. The crisscrossing straps seem to break the line of big feet into manageable pieces.

 privo Women's Ranford Sandal,Dark Brown,7.5 M US
"Women's Ranford Sandal" by Privo, $53.88 on Amazon

Best I can tell, this would leave me with one more sandal need. Black and white? Check. A bronze metallic, which goes well with all neutrals and most colors? Check. A dressy silver? Still need to find.

I know I should branch out beyond Privo's sandals. Any suggestions? Who makes your favorite "everyday" sandals?

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