Sunday, July 25, 2010

7/24/10: Rocking an Ankle Brace

Yesterday was a day of chores. It was also the funeral of a fallen solider from my hometown. The loonies from Westboro Baptist Church (the ones who protest at military funerals with signs reading "God Hate Fags!") were set to make an appearance. Curious, I planned to drive by the site of the funeral. While they never showed (thankfully), I was glad to see a hundred veterans lining the entrance to the church, flags in hand.

I knew that my curiosity would lead to walking in the hot weather, so I dressed for comfort.

Tank: Old Navy, around $7.50
Necklace: Scrabble tile pendant via It's Hip to Be Square, similar styles available for $7.00
Shorts: Lucky Brand, gift from mom
Belt: Cheap import via Flea Market
Sandals: Teva, similar styles available on amazon for $11.91-$24.00
Sexy Ankle Braces: Futuro via CVS, $9.29 AND McDavid, $29.99

I thought about cropping out the ankle braces, but I decided it was an essential part of the look. For your reference, I have included brands and pricing information.  

This entire necklace was planned around the pendant. I know the women behind It's Hip to Be Square and they are amazing artist and amazing people. At $7.00 a pendant (including cord) and with a continuous "Buy 2, Get 1 Free" arrangement, I strongly suggest you check out their Scrabble tile pendants.

As for the rest of the outfit, I love these hand-me-up shorts from my mother, but they have no front pockets or beltloops. I decided to fake it by pointlessly strapping on a cheap belt from the flea market. I like the look.  

As for the ridiculously gay Tevas, I didn't have many other options. Though I was only in the sun for an hour, I still got sunburnt. At least I was comfortable in the mean time.

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