Monday, July 12, 2010

Confession: Hair

I have decided to start growing my hair out. Now, I love it short and cute. It's fun. It's easy.

However, I miss my long curls. I miss the glamor. I miss all the styling options.


My confession is, I want my hair to be long at my wedding. Now, I have no wedding plans. I just know that it will probably take three years of uninterrupted growth for my hair to be as long as I want. Throw in some trims here and there and the need to give it style as it grows out, and I'm looking at four years, minimum. I am not against getting married in my mid-20s. Four years from now, I'll be closer to 30 than 20. Maybe marriage will be in the works. Maybe not. But just in case it is, I want my long locks back.

Question: What is the "silliest" thing that has dictated one of your hair decisions?

1 comment:

  1. I first shaved my head because I didn't want to deal with lice. Mind you, I was not a little kid. I was in high school!

    Also, I have shaved my head on a different occasion (maybe two different occasions?) simply because I hated how a haircut turned out. Instead of getting it fixed, I got angry and shaved it all off.

    I am a very impatient person.