Saturday, July 24, 2010

7/23/10: Costco Chic

Last night, I had to say goodbye and good luck to one of my dear friends. He is off to Arizona for graduate school. During my circus days, he was the setter (aka "bitch") for my slack wire routine, handing me my props and helping me quickly rig my wire and place my safety mats. You gotta love any man who will dress in orange, psychedelic velvet, and spandex pants.

So, what do you wear to a goodbye party when it is about 182 degrees out and you are rocking layered ankle braces due to a sprained ankle.


 Orange camisole: Kirkland Signature via Costco, 2 for $12.99 in July 2010
Printed camisole: Sparkle & Fade, gift
Jeans: Calvin Klein Jeans via Costco, $19.99 in July 2010
Sandals: Teva, similar styles available on amazon for $11.91-$24.00
Bag: Clothing swap acquisition

I'm not going to lie. I love the clothing I find at Costco. Calvin Klein items always fit me great- so great, in fact, that I can buy them without trying them on. Costco even carries long lengths in most items. These camisoles are the most comfortable thing I have ever owned and I plan on going back and buying them in every color. Costco often carries Adidas workout wear, which I am constantly wearing through as a gymnastics coach.

I payed some amount of money for the Teva sandals some years ago, but I've had them long enough that I have no idea how much. With my ankle in both an elastic compassion brace and a lace-up support brace, my footwear choices are seriously limited at the moment. I can squeeze on my running shoes, or kick it in flip flops. Yes, Tevas are insanely lesbionic. No, I don't care.

For all extensive purposes, I spent $26.50 on this outfit ($19.99 on the jeans, $6.50 on the solid camisole). I love the bright and cheery pattern on the printed tank, and that was given to me. The bag was acquired at a clothing swap. Put together, it is cute, summery, and colorful, and it manages to hide my sprained ankle.

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