Sunday, August 1, 2010

7/31/10: Wrap It Up

On a scorching summer day in Florida, you dress for the tempterature. Though I spent most of Sunday comfortably inside an air-conditioned mall, I still needed to stay cool. I do not exxagerate when I say the heat index was 111 degrees. I melted from my car to the Macy's entrance. 

Tank: Old Navy, usually 2 for $15.00
Bracelet: Handmade by me
Shoes: "Women's Ranfod Sandal" by Privo, from $37.26 on Amazon
Sexy ankle wrap: Available at your local urgent care clinic

Reversible silk wrap skirts are about as cool as you can get. The fabric is lightweight. The simple tie around the waist does not stick like an elastic waistband. There are no interior seams to irritate your already sweaty skin. Paired with a simple ribbed tank, I stayed as cool as I possibly could. 

Jedzebel  is an awesome brand. Everything is fair trade, and their silk skirts are made of recycled saris. Their items can be ordered via their website or on Amazon, as well as purchased at many locally owned boutiques. If you are ever in Santa Cruz, make sure to check out their storefront. Last time I visited, there were hundreds of beautiful silk skirts and tops for $10 or $15. 

My favorite part of the outfit, however, was the bracelet. 

I am currently obsessed with button bracelets. In the last week, I have made six. I need to make one more, so I will have one for each day of the work. For all you crafty types, I'll have a "How To" post soon. For those who aren't so crafty, I'll also be hosting a contest to win a custom made button bracelet. Keep your eyes peeled.

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